This page will contain information, reviews and resources for others planning a bicycle tour.  The articles will only focus on equipment that I have found particularly useful, though a page listing everything I am carrying is also in progress.  For comprehensive articles on everything that someone planning a bike tour needs to think about, and were invaluable to me during my planning stage.

Image Resizer

A non cycling resource but one that I found useful to create nevertheless.  Keeping a blog up to date in countries where internet access is sporadic and not as fast as one may be used to can be time consuming, especially when uploading photos from modern digital cameras whose pictures can be a few MB in size each. Most photo Read the full story…

Converting a MTB to a Touring Bike

As the primary piece of equipment for someone on a bike tour, it isn’t surprising that most people spend a lot of time choosing their bike. Given that the majority of local or chain bicycle shops cater to mountain or road bikers, whose needs are very different to a tourer, it is not the easiest decision to make, especially if Read the full story…

Mexico SCT Maps

Upon entering Mexico, the cyclist specific maps that the states of Washington, Oregon and California provide for the traveller become a thing of the past.  Even the comprehensive Adventure Cycling Association maps that cover the whole of the USA stop at the border.  If entering Mexico through the Tijuana border into Baja, there is only one real option of the Read the full story…


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